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What you should know before making a software investment!

Throughout the years, it has been demonstrated that there is no better business software than the one that offers the end user the best service and support available.  This is a complex task to achieve, yet easy to evaluate.

These are some questions to keep in mind:

Do you know what it is to get a very expensive software that does not fit or exceeds your needs?

What if you have a wonderful software but don't know how to use it properly?

If you need assistance, who will you call?  Will assistance arrive on time?

And if there are personnel changes in your company after your new software installation, who will train new employees, days, months or years later?

Will somebody tell you about the technological trends and how you should prepare for the future?

Will the reseller understand your business and your operations as a whole, or will it only know about computer environments?

These type of questions should have a satisfactory answer before making an investment on software solutions for your business.  So, when you find a business software you are tend to buy, look beyond the product to find out about the service and support you expect to receive.  This is a useful checklist you can use to evaluate the service provider for your software investment decision:

Thorough knowledge of the product, to provide expert support.

Experience with the installation and implementation of the product, to ensure a successful installation within a reasonable time period.

Knowledge of the competence, to differentiate what is the best suit for your needs.

Thorough knowledge of operational processes (finance, production, distribution, etc.) to understand, evaluate and suggest the most effective information flow and management to take the most advantage of the software.

Dedication, to stand beside the end user, day by day, to provide needed assistance just on time.

Constantly offer training courses to give the end users the control of the software management. 



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