Maintenance & Support for Exact Macola Progression Series Software

When you purchase your Progression Series system, you are required to purchase the Exact's Maintenance Plan.  As a Subscriber to Exact’s Maintenance Plan, you will receive FREE software upgrades* to the latest supported version of Progression within the 12-month period of maintenance payment.  Plus you receive periodic updates to all modules in your Progression Series system and access to Exact’s suite of on-line Internet tools, keeping your enterprise software running at maximum efficiency.

The full range of benefits in our value-packed maintenance plan includes:

-         Free Software upgrades*

-         Free periodic updates

-         Unlimited access to technical support web site

-         InfoMine knowledge base of FAQ’s

-         Hot Topics

-         File downloads

-         Access to QA Tracker, an on-line program update and enhancement resource

-         Unlimited telephone support (w/ four working hours response time)

-         Priority for onsite visits

*  Upgrade exclusions- Adding additional users and database changes.  Upgrades do not include new versions or release of a program that Exact determines as its sole discretion not to make available without an additional charge to its customers purchasing Maintenance.



By accessing Exact Software's Customer Portal, which was developed specifically for maintenance plan customers, extends your connection with Exact Software, any time of day or night. Some of the exciting benefits offered through Exact's Customer Portal include access to:

• Exact Software 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Exact Software customer news and knowledge bases

• Tools within the Exact Software Reference Library

• Communication with Exact Software personnel via web requests

• Real-time access to the latest software updates and information

Communicate with Exact Software personnel via web requests: Using the Customer Portal, you can submit and track software corrections, enhancements or requests. You can also view, initiate and determine the status of questions you have submitted by using your customer account number.  Using the Customer Portal, you stay informed by accessing the latest information fast: Every day you will find new information about product innovation, e-Business solutions, company news and much more. That's Exact commitment to you as a valued Exact Software's maintenance plan customer.  Also available on the Customer Portal is the Infomine Knowledgebase: This reservoir of information has thousands of software tips and techniques (including many tried and true methods shared by Exact Software customers) that you can use every day to save time and increase efficiency.  For example, there are more than 80 documents that refer to the physical inventory count function alone. Customer Portal access allows you to review reports that Exact Software recommends be purged following a physical count. You can also review the recommended procedure for doing the physical/cycle count, as well as see the accounting entries that will be made once the counts are posted, etc. In all, the Infomine knowledgebase currently has more than 4,000 documents that provide answers to your most frequently asked questions on a variety of topics.

Exact Software Reference Library: Your business is unique, and because of that you may want to configure your software to better meet specific business requirements. As a maintenance plan customer, you can use the Customer Portal to obtain the information you need to get your system up and running quickly with access to:

• Implementation and set-up guides

• Software installation instructions

• File layouts for designing custom reports

• User guides that provide process flow check lists, daily, and period-end processing guidelines 

Maintenance Plan Customers Have Real-Time Download Access to the Latest Software updates, Enhancements and Information: These valuable downloads keep your business competitive by providing immediate access to software features that can solve a problem you have encountered or by simply updating your software with new features.

Maintenance Plan Agreement customers Benefit From Regular Product Updates: As an Exact Software maintenance plan customer, you receive several annual enhancements for your software solution as well as upgrades* that keep your business running efficiently. As your partner in technology, Exact understands that today's challenges in business mean maximizing the potential of your software solution. Below is a list of product enhancements that maintenance plan customers have received through product updates.

Progression Workflow Explorer: This is your Exact Software desktop and allows you to organize various daily workflow or period-end tasks for common procedures (such as Accounts Receivable month-end procedures) to assure processes are executed in the correct order.

Integrated Crystal Reports: A compilation of 150 Progression reports re-written using Crystal Report Writer. Exact understands that there are times when your unique business processes may require a customized report, so these reports were designed to allow for easy customization to meet specific business requirements. Several new reports providing executive summaries are also available through the System Manager. These include Top 10 lists of customer sales, customer receivables, vendor purchases, vendor payables, salespeople, items issued within a period, items below safety stock and late manufacturing orders, to name just a few.

Reverse Views: Allows you to see the most recent transactions first without scrolling through the older transactions. This customer-requested enhancement was incorporated into the product, first focusing on the most frequently used views in Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Production Order Processing, and Shop Floor Control.

Accounts Payable Voucher Authorization: This new feature was recently added to allow a supervisor to review and authorize a voucher. Only vouchers that are authorized will be posted and, ultimately, paid providing more financial control in managing your vendors.

Last Sale and Invoice Information Using F6: Display last sale and last invoice information for a customer/item combination by using the F6 function key on the price field during the sales order entry process. This not only organizes your process, it also provides you with vital customer service information regarding repeat buys.

Track Actual Labor Costs in Production Order Processing (POP): Originally, this was a two-step process and involved reporting labor costs against a standard and then adjusting them to achieve actual costs. With the implementation of this enhancement, the process now is accomplished in a single step, reported directly off your labor tickets.

Receiving Inspection Functionality for all Purchase Order & Receiving Users: Previously, the ability to receive items into an inspection inventory location and by means of a quality sample and then approving this into usable inventory was available only to users registered for Advanced Distribution. This has since been included for all users of Purchase Order and Receiving.

Ability to Change the Purchase Price Variance (PPV) Account in Purchasing: This is especially helpful when you are standard costing your inventory, but want to book the complete value of "expense" items into an expense account instead of booking it all as an inventory cost variance.

Create Quantity and Cost Variances in Manufacturing: Manufacturing Cost Accounting was enhanced to include a standard cost distribution application that allows you to distribute the cost and quantity variance transactions created when you close a shop order. This provides you with more details on your manufacturing variances for improved analysis and, ultimately, cost control.

Auto-Create Purchase Orders from Order Entry: Create purchase orders automatically from Order Entry for items that are defined as such in the Item Master. The system picks up the item's default vendor, allowing you to change it and creates a purchase order without re-keying.

Return Material Authorization (RMA): This new comprehensive functionality allows you to track and control customer returns and monitor product quality. You can provide your customer with a RMA number, assign return reason codes, receive back items, and credit or re-ship returned items. This new functionality is now a standard feature within the Advanced Distribution module.


In addition to all of the free enhancements and updates listed above, there are several new packages available for purchase to customers on Version 7.6. Purchase Requisition /Request for Quotation: This new package, which now is in General Release, allows you to create and consolidate purchase requisitions from different departments within your company and interface them with the Purchase Requisition package. Your buyer can use this to request a quote from one or multiple vendors before finally creating a purchase order using this information. Additionally, converting a quote to a purchase order is a simple process, requiring only an approval from someone authorized to approve the appropriate purchase amount.

Production Order Processing (POP) Data Collection: This provides the ability to interface material data collection systems to POP. An extremely efficient procedure, this reduces data entry errors and saves time, especially when using serial numbers, lot numbers or bins. Bar Code for Distribution is a prerequisite for this package.

Payroll Under Progression SQL: For customers running Progression SQL under Microsoft SQL Server and running the Btrieve version of Payroll, you can move to the SQL version of Payroll, which is now in General Release. This will give you a homogenous system on Microsoft SQL Server. Running Payroll on SQL Server gives added security for your Payroll data inherent with Microsoft SQL Server database.

Quoting and Estimating: This Progression SQL package allows you to create job estimates for potential new business contracts. To create the estimate, this package uses customer or prospect information, vendor information for purchased items, Bill of Materials, routings, and optionally other historical manufacturing information. Once the customer/prospect accepts the estimate, this information is used to create sales orders in Order Entry and manufacturing orders in Production Order Processing or Shop Floor Control.

Web.Orders and Web.Views: Now in General Release, Web.Orders is a highly configurable business-ordering environment utilizing the Internet and is available for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Your customers' orders can be processed through an approval system that supports practices that are most suitable for your individual businesses. There is no re-keying or duplication of effort once information is entered. Web.Orders also supports the ability to group items that you wish to sell over the Internet, allowing only specific customers to get to specific items and restrict access to certain items to specific customers or groups of customers.  Web.Views, which is included with Web.Orders but can also be purchased separately, allows authorized customers and employees to view the status of their accounts, orders, pricing, and product availability. In addition to this, Web.Views includes executive summaries on a number of topics including top outstanding receivables, payables, top salespeople, top items issued, and late manufacturing orders. Because this is a web-based product, these summaries can be accessed by internal management over the Internet.

Executive Dashboard provides your executives with important summary information without going through the details of the system.

RMA Header Entry Screen


As you can see from the enhancements that maintenance plan customers have received to date, Exact Software considers input from customers and business partners alike to continuously improve your software. This is your investment in the Exact Software maintenance plan at work!  Additional details on the various product updates and enhancements can also be found in two documents that are installed in the Progression root directory during the update process. The one found under \macola70\76100.pdf (or macsql\76100.pdf for the SQL version) discusses product changes, with the enhancements found under macola70\whatsnew.pdf (or macsql\whatsnew.pdf for the SQL version).

*Upgrade exclusions: Adding additional users and database changes (such as upgrading from Btrieve/P.SQL to MS SQL Server) are excluded. Upgrades do not include new versions or releases of a Program that Exact Macola determines at its sole discretion not to make available without additional charge to its customers on maintenance such as, but not limited to EDI, Crystal & F9.

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