Typical Implementation

TI Group recognizes the immense importance of understanding its customers' businesses to maximize the benefits of the software they invest on. A successful implementation is not limited to installing the software, but guiding the customer step by step through the implementation process, from planning for a right-headed-start to going live.

For this reason TI Group has adopted an implementation methodology that uses a flexible but structured project approach over seven discrete phases:

The above phases are rarely sequential and are most likely executed in parallel with other phases. In addition, through all the phases of the implementation, we work with our clients to improve their processes (Business Process Re-engineering).

Following this approach has allowed TI Group to:

  • Manage the implementations successfully

  • Complete the implementations in a timely manner

  • Maximize knowledge transfer to users in the shortest period of time

  • Minimize client implementation costs

  • Maximize client ROI and anticipated benefits

  • Minimize disruption of daily work flow

  • Streamline and improve processes and information flows


Implementation Planning Meeting

During the Implementation Planning Meeting we:

  • Determine tasks to be completed during implementation.

  • Assign responsibilities for each task, yours and ours.

  • Set deadlines for completion of tasks.

  • Program training sessions.


Software Installation

Before Software Installation we:

  • Verify your operating system compatibility with the software to be installed

  • Do a pre-installation survey on your server, workstations and printers to make sure they are compatible with the software.

Installation is then completed under the appropriate directory structure and optimal configurations.


Data Conversion

During Data Conversion we:

  • Determine data files to be converted.

  • Extract data and run tests.

  • Correct for problems, if any.


Class Room Training

During Class Room Training you:

  • Learn what the system can do and how to use those features.

  • Have a test or sample company set up to be used for training and testing instead of using your live company data.


On-site Consulting

During On-site Consulting we:

  • Verify access to registration and unlocking keys for all modules purchased.

  • Verify and/or determine forms to be used.

  • Set up workstations.

  • Set up modules.

  • Initialize company data.

  • Set up security.

  • Set up ODBC security.

  • Set up business alerts.

  • Customize forms.

  • Set up printers.

  • Go live.


System Customization

During System Customization we:

  • Determine and execute changes to the menus.

  • Document changes.


Project Management

During Project Management we:

  • Review the actual implementation against the agreed plan.

  • Make sure you are satisfied with the software.

  • Discuss the handling of support.

  • Review any additional requirements of specific reports for estimating time and cost.

  • Determine additional projects to be done.

  • Resolve any open issues.

  • Provide you with your Client Binder containing: sales information, correspondence, project, pre-installation, software installation, on-going maintenance and modules information.

For more information regarding the products that best suit your needs, feel free to contact us.  For your convenience, you may also use our pre-designed Information Request Form to submit your request.

We will analyze your specific business needs and prepare a targeted demonstration of the software solution that best meets your requirements.

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