PM2000 is a robust, full-featured module that gives Property Managers all the functionality they need to run their businesses. This powerful yet easy-to-use system provides full integration with the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules of the award-winning MAS 90 ● MAS 200 accounting systems from Best Software.

Lease Maintenance

  • Track and maintain statistics on properties, units and tenants.

  • View the total deposits held for a tenant using a drill down screen.

  • Tenants having an unlimited number of leases, can be billed on a single invoice for all leases.

  • View all invoiced charges and payment history.

  • Calculate fees by either rent only or on tiers based on days of delinquency.

  • Allows the override of standard late fee assessment on a lease by lease basis.

Rent Maintenance

Setup rate changes in advance with date ranges that will automatically take effect on the beginning date.

Track and maintain information about the rate changes for each lease for easy review.

Lease Billing

Easily bill periodic charges such as monthly rents, quarterly parking rents or property taxes.

Easily pass through expenses to tenants. Choose to bill reimbursements and pass-through expenditures with periodic charges or independently as needed.


Post revenue and expenses to the General Ledger by property.

Display occupancy and vacancy statistics for the units attached to the property along with deposits held on the property.

Store and view an unlimited number of digital or scanned photos and floor plans for each property.

15 user-defined fields to track specific information about each property.


May post revenue and expenses to the General Ledger by unit.

Another 15 user-defined fields to track specific information about each unit.

Track the amenities of a Unit such as the number of bedrooms, patios, parking spaces, etc.

Once an asset has been created and entered into the system, it can be assigned to a specific unit. PM2000 will track all transfers of assets as well as any maintenance done to them.

Tenant Allocations

Billing reimbursable expenses is simplified by using Accounts Payable when processing expenses. There is full user control over the date an expense is to be charged to tenants and expenses can be marked-up for tenant allocation and billing. This eliminates double entry and improves reliability.

Two tiers of allocation calculation are available, by property and by project.

Global Reminders

This utility searches for reminders in all companies (if running several companies), including expiring leases, expiring insurance policies, tenant memos by reminder date and lease rent changes to take place.

Moveout Wizard

Selections can be made from a range of properties and a range of lease expiration dates.

Selecting to apply charges and create a tenant payable will select any charges due by the tenant and apply them against deposits held and create a tenant payable if necessary.

Property Availability

Quickly view occupancy and vacancy information. Once a property has been selected, the system brings up the units attached to that property. View availability by days in a month or by month over the entire year.

Choose to view all units, specific unit types or even specific units. Choose to view all tenants or specific tenant types. View move-out date of current tenant as well as move-in date of future tenants.

Service Work Order

Tenant information is entered along with an extended description of the problem. Managers can then classify the problem using Service Codes and schedule a date and time for the work to be performed. From this screen, users can check the tenantís credit standing, get a map to their site, and get maintenance history information. Maintenance workers can track work completed on a time and materials or fixed contract basis. This information can be entered to the system to track budget information for each specific work order.

and ...

Automated credit card charging.

Meter readings.

Solid reporting: financial, operational & custom. Reporting includes: property and unit listings, with occupancy statistics and financial information of the unit/property. Lease abstract report, showing calculated rent per square foot and lease activity detail for rent rate changes. Lease expiration report; lease deposit report; transactions detail by tenant, to view invoices and payments related to that tenant; report of charges applied to a unit; allocation and reimbursement reconciliation; rent roll reports; financial transaction history reports; aged charges report, showing outstanding invoices for specific tenants; waiting list reports, tenant insurance coverage status report; vacancy reports and much more...


For more information regarding PM2000, please feel free to contact us at 787-708-0390.  You may read additional information in our PM2000 documentation page.  For your convenience, you may also use our pre-designed Information Request Form to submit your request.



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